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You took the plunge into essential oils -  you shall never be the same from this point forward!


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Developing Daily Habits

When you just start using essential oils, you can feel overwhelmed -  These 4 activities are designed to make essential oil use more automatic and part of your routine so you can experience their maximum health benefits.  Speed up your learning curve, by completing the four activities listed below. Soon it will be like riding a bike.

Activity 1: Wellness Consultation

You should receive your order within 5-7 days. Once you receive your order we would love to do a FREE WELLNESS CONSULT with you.
 This consult is FREE with any enrollment and is invaluable - do not miss this opportunity to learn how to use your oils in your everyday life for you and your family. The consult takes approximately 15 minutes and can be done via phone or social media.

Activity 2: Become an Everyday Oil Expert

Start researching, and asking questions on our Facebook group. Get a Modern Essentials book and be ready to learn to change your health!

Activity 3: Create a Home for your Oils

Location is highly important. Giving your oils a home where they are readily accessible and easy to use is key.  After you have completed the first two activities and have decided how to use your oils, decide on where you want to keep your oils. We have several locations we like to keep our oils so they are readily available.
Activity 4: Create Rollerballs, Spray Bottles, lotions and more

At the very bottom are some links to Helpful Tools.   You may also be able to find the carrier oils and spray bottles locally - just check around. 


This is how you’ll login, can place or track orders, etc. Some of it might not apply to you (the business stuff), but poke around and feel free to ask any questions you have.

You can login to your account by visiting the website listed in your confirmation email
Your Member  Number: emailed to you
Temp Password: emailed to you or you set-up if you enrolled yourself


Take advantage of the opportunity to earn free products and enroll in the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).  The Loyalty Rewards program is a great way to build up your oil collection and to have oils to share with your friends and family.  You may not be able to purchase all of the oils and products you want all at one time so
the LRP program is a perfect way to add to your collection a month at a time and earn free products in the process. 




Learning about your oils is a process. We are all still learning and growing no matter how long we have been using essential oils. Do not get overwhelmed. We have several people and resources to help you along your wellness journey.

Modern Essentials Book : This is THE go-to book for doTERRA oils, includes a huge reference guide of ailments and uses, and is the one book we’ve all found we can’t live without.

Emotional Healing with Essential Oils helpful for emotional, mental, and spiritual support.


Helpful Tools