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Can’t I just buy the oils from anywhere?

For your safety, it’s important to get the highest quality oils. We only recommend oils that are well-sourced and carefully distilled to create the cleanest, most effective, highest potency oil possible.

Which oils should I use?

Learning what oils to use is part of the fun! We have a whole team of people who have been using oils for awhile who are able to help guide you. There are also several resources online, phone apps, and books that make it super simple to look up an oil when you want to make a cleaning supply, control your emotions, help your animal, calm a crying child, and so much more!

What do they cost?

Every essential oil has a different price depending on the intensity of the distillation process, how much plant material is needed and what part of the world it comes from. Some of the oils are rare and very precious and others are very affordable. The best part is,  because they are so potent, you only need 1-3 drops of an oil at any time!

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Essential oils have changed my life both health wise and financially. Preventative care is extremely important to me and my family. We want to provide our bodies with the nutrients it needs to live not just a long life, but a life full of vitality.

From everyday kid bumps and bruises to uplifting me out of the "Mommy Blues" to ensuring a restful night's sleep- essential oils are a part of my family's everyday life regimen.

Three Ways to use Essential Oils

I just want to use the oils for me and my family.

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I love the oils and find myself talking to others about them!!

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I love the products, and I have a passion to help others love these products too!

Welcome to Team Commit 2 Wellness!  My team receives on-going training and mentoring and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Email me and let's get started!

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